Heel Pain Hodgson Vale.

Heel discomfort isn't a standard condition you should live with. It's time to stop putting up with it .

Struggling with Heel Pain in Hodgson Vale?

Heel pain can significantly impede your daily movement and overall well-being. Whether you’re active in sports, juggling family life, or fond of taking leisurely strolls, experiencing pain in your heel can significantly disrupt your lifestyle.

Dedicated to resolving heel pain, our clinic offers the support you need to overcome this affliction. With a full suite of treatment options, from detailed biomechanical exams to progressive shockwave therapy and accurate dry needling, we are set to address your specific needs. Our capable podiatrists are devoted to finding the underlying causes of your heel pain and creating a customised treatment plan, helping you to tread confidently and comfortably.

Heel Pain Hodgson Vale

Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic

Types of Heel Pain We Regularly Treat

Understanding the causes of heel pain is the first step to discovering the best possible ways to treat it. At Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic, we look at your overall health, including your medical history, to determine what may be causing your heel pain. Common causes of heel pain include:

Plantar Fasciitis Hodgson Vale

Characterised by the inflammation of the plantar fascia, plantar fasciitis manifests as severe heel pain, especially noticeable when taking the first steps of the day or after sitting for long durations.

Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are characterised by bone extensions on the bottom of the heel bone, typically associated with plantar fasciitis, causing pain during periods of walking or when in a standing position.

Achilles Tendonitis Hodgson Vale

Achilles tendonitis entails the inflammation of the Achilles tendon, bringing about soreness and stiffness in the heel’s back, often intensified by active movements. 

General Heel Pain Hodgson Vale

A variety of conditions fall under the umbrella of general heel pain, all of which affect the heel zone and cause pain during weight-bearing tasks, thereby hindering daily mobility.

Children's Feet Hodgson Vale

Common in active children and teens, Sever’s disease (or Sever’s) is marked by the inflammation of the growth plate in the heel, leading to pain and a tender feeling at the back of the heel.

We Help You Get Back on Your Feet.

For tradies, nurses, educators, individuals in the hospitality sector, retail workers, busy mothers, and everyone constantly on the go, being on your feet all day can be exhausting. 

Heel discomfort isn’t always the result of an injury; often, it’s your occupation or hectic lifestyle that’s to blame. 

At Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic, our goal is for you to take a load off your feet at day’s end because you’ve fulfilled your tasks, not because you’re in pain. Treating your heel pain can help you get more out of life and remain active throughout your day. If you’re seeking additional support to maintain your cheerfulness while on your feet, our team is ready to support you. 

Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic

Our Heel Pain Management: A Three-Step Process.

Heel Pain Treatment Hodgson Vale

Determining the Problem

Our team of podiatrists utilises their vast experience in heel pain treatment, combining expertise, knowledge, and advanced technology to pinpoint the root of your discomfort.


Hodgson Vale Heel Pain

Finding the Root Cause

Determined to get to the bottom of your pain, we use our elite gait analysis technology, a substantial upgrade from ordinary mobile apps, to accurately identify the cause of your heel pain.

Hodgson Vale Heel Pain Treatment

Creating Customised Treatment

Upon determining the specifics and causes of your heel pain, our podiatrists develop individualised treatment schemes focused on enduring relief, effective pain control, and proactive prevention.


Ready to say goodbye to achy feet and hello to happy heels?Eager to leave heel pain behind?

Heel Pain Treatment Hodgson Vale

Heel Pain Remedies and Methods.

Offering Advanced Heel Pain Treatments and Strategies to the Hodgson Vale Population

Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic offers an array of treatments and techniques, all designed to cater to your particular needs. 

Orthotics Hodgson Vale


Orthotics are specially tailored insoles designed to support and align the foot, effectively reducing heel pain by redistributing pressure and improving foot function.

Zebris Gait Analysis Hodgson Vale

Gait Analysis

The assessment of your gait, or the way you walk and run, is crucial in identifying potential abnormalities or imbalances contributing to heel pain, enabling the formulation of specific treatment approaches.

Shockwave Therapy Hodgson Vale

Shockwave Treatment

Shockwave treatment utilises high-energy sound waves to stimulate healing in painful areas, promoting recovery in conditions like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

Podiatry Dry Needling Hodgson Vale

Dry Needling

Targeting precise trigger points in muscles with thin needles, dry needling helps ease muscle tension and heel pain, offering relief in the heel and adjacent structures.

Footwear Assessment Hodgson Vale

Footwear Assessment

An assessment of your shoes is conducted to verify their support and fit, essential elements in the prevention and treatment of heel pain.

Biomechanical examination Hodgson Vale

Biomechanical Examination

Through examining the structure, alignment, and function of the feet and legs, biomechanical assessments identify discrepancies that may be contributing to or aggravating heel pain.

About Us.

The Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic is experienced in working with patients of varied ages facing heel pain stemming from numerous reasons. We invest time to truly get to know you and the nature of your pain, which positions us to offer a personalised treatment strategy, facilitating a quicker return to the activities you enjoy. Our podiatrists are skilled in discerning the underlying causes of heel pain and in determining the most suitable treatment options for any circumstance.

Heel Pain Clinic Hodgson Vale

Treating Heel Pain in Hodgson Vale

Don't Allow Heel Pain to Restrict You|Don't Be Hindered by Heel Pain|Don’t Let Heel Pain Impact Your Life|Ensure Heel Pain Doesn't Keep You from Moving Forward}

Experiencing heel pain is a sign you need to take action towards obtaining appropriate treatment. Disregarding this pain may cause it to worsen and lead to more complex issues, so ensuring timely treatment is essential. 


Our team possesses extensive experience in addressing various types of heel pain for numerous reasons. Allow us to help you regain control—reach out to our Heel Pain Clinic today to embark on your journey to pain-free feet. 

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