Heel Pain Mount Lofty.

Heel pain should not be considered a normal part of life. There's no need to endure it any further .

Dealing with Heel Pain in Mount Lofty

Heel pain can significantly impede your daily movement and overall well-being. Whether you’re active in sports, juggling family life, or fond of taking leisurely strolls, experiencing pain in your heel can significantly disrupt your lifestyle.

At our heel pain clinic, we’re committed to tackling heel discomfort, giving you the backing needed to overcome this hurdle. We offer an extensive selection of treatment modalities, encompassing thorough biomechanical analyses, state-of-the-art shockwave therapy, and targeted dry needling, all designed to serve your particular needs. Our proficient podiatrists are dedicated to determining the core causes of your heel pain and formulating a custom treatment plan, enabling you to proceed with confidence and comfort.

Heel Pain Mount Lofty

Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic

Heel Pain Conditions We Treat

Understanding the causes of heel pain is the first step to discovering the best possible ways to treat it. At Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic, we look at your overall health, including your medical history, to determine what may be causing your heel pain. Common causes of heel pain include:

Plantar Fasciitis Mount Lofty

Characterised by the inflammation of the plantar fascia, plantar fasciitis manifests as severe heel pain, especially noticeable when taking the first steps of the day or after sitting for long durations.

Heel Spurs

Bony outgrowths on the underside of the heel bone, known as heel spurs, are commonly related to plantar fasciitis and result in pain when engaged in walking or standing activities.

Achilles Tendonitis Mount Lofty

Achilles tendonitis involves inflammation of the Achilles tendon, resulting in pain and stiffness along the back of the heel, often aggravated by physical activity. 

General Heel Pain Mount Lofty

General heel pain includes different ailments that influence the heel section, resulting in pain when engaging in activities that involve bearing weight, impacting routine mobility.

Children's Feet Mount Lofty

Sever’s, also known as Sever’s disease, is a frequent condition among active youngsters and adolescents, characterised by swelling of the growth plate in the heel, which causes discomfort and tenderness at the rear of the heel.

Helping You Achieve Better Foot Health.

For those in nursing, trades, teaching, hospitality, retail, busy mothers, and anyone else who is constantly on their feet, the strain can be overwhelming. 

Heel discomfort isn’t always the result of an injury; often, it’s your occupation or hectic lifestyle that’s to blame. 

At Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic, we advocate for putting your feet up after a productive day, not due to discomfort. Addressing your heel pain can significantly improve your quality of life and your ability to stay active throughout your day. If you need that extra bit of support to keep on smiling on your feet, we’re the team you can turn to for help. 

Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic

The Three Stages of Our Heel Pain Treatment Approach.

Heel Pain Treatment Mount Lofty

Pinpointing the Problem

With a wealth of experience in heel pain management, our podiatrists employ their skills, deep knowledge, and cutting-edge technology to identify the source of your discomfort.


Mount Lofty Heel Pain

Uncover the Underlying Reason

Focusing on the underlying causes of your pain, we leverage our superior gait analysis equipment, significantly more effective than basic mobile apps, to pinpoint the precise origins of your heel pain.

Mount Lofty Heel Pain Treatment

Creating a Individualised Treatment Approach

Understanding the specific nature and cause of your heel pain allows our podiatrists to create personalised treatment plans, prioritising long-term relief, effective pain management, and future prevention.


Ready to say goodbye to achy feet and hello to happy heels?Ready to leave heel pain behind?

Heel Pain Treatment Mount Lofty

Heel Pain Remedies and Methods.

Delivering Top-Tier Treatments and Methods to the Mount Lofty Area

Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic delivers an assortment of therapeutic options and strategies, adapted to suit your unique needs. 

Orthotics Mount Lofty


Orthotics are custom-designed insoles that provide support and alignment for the foot, helping to alleviate heel pain by redistributing pressure and correcting foot function.

Zebris Gait Analysis Mount Lofty

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is the process of evaluating your walking or running pattern to detect any anomalies or imbalances that may be leading to heel pain, facilitating the development of precise treatment plans.

Shockwave Therapy Mount Lofty

Shockwave Treatment

Shockwave treatment utilises high-energy sound waves to stimulate healing in painful areas, promoting recovery in conditions like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis.

Podiatry Dry Needling Mount Lofty

Dry Needling

Dry needling targets specific trigger points within muscles using thin needles, relieving tension and pain in the heel and surrounding structures.

Footwear Assessment Mount Lofty

Footwear Assessment

Evaluating your footwear is crucial to ensure they provide the necessary support and fit well, a key factor in preventing and managing heel pain.

Biomechanical examination Mount Lofty

Biomechanical Examination

A biomechanical examination assesses the structure, alignment, and function of the feet and legs, identifying any irregularities that might cause or exacerbate heel pain.

About Us.

The Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic is experienced in working with patients of varied ages facing heel pain stemming from numerous reasons. We invest time to truly get to know you and the nature of your pain, which positions us to offer a personalised treatment strategy, facilitating a quicker return to the activities you enjoy. Our podiatrists are skilled in discerning the underlying causes of heel pain and in determining the most suitable treatment options for any circumstance.

Heel Pain Clinic Mount Lofty

Treating Heel Pain in Mount Lofty

Don't Allow Heel Pain to Restrict You|Don't Be Hindered by Heel Pain|Don’t Let Heel Pain Impact Your Life|Ensure Heel Pain Doesn't Keep You from Moving Forward}

If you’re experiencing heel pain, it’s vital to seek suitable treatment immediately. Overlooking heel pain can lead to escalated discomfort and additional complications over time, making it critical to treat sooner rather than later. 


With extensive experience in managing diverse heel pain cases, our team is here to assist you. Don’t let heel pain dictate your life—contact our Heel Pain Clinic today and take the first step towards reclaiming your comfort. 

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