Sever's Disease Toowoomba.

When your child is dealing with Sever’s disease, help to restore their comfort and active lifestyle with podiatry.

Sever's Disease Toowoomba

Does Your Child Have Heel Pain?
It May be Sever’s Disease.

Childhood is all about action and adventure, taking on new challenges, and having fun exploring the world. So when your child feels discomfort and pain that stops them from doing what everybody else their age is doing, it can be upsetting for them— and for you, too. If your child is having difficulty playing their favourite sports or running around with their friends or is limping or complaining of heel pain— especially during physical activities— it may be a condition called Sever’s disease.

What Is Sever’s Disease?

While the name might sound alarming, Sever's disease is a common and treatable condition that primarily affects growing children and adolescents.

Also known as calcaneal apophysitis, Sever’s disease is where the area at the back of the heel bone that connects to the Achilles tendon becomes inflamed. As this area is still growing, this can certainly make for some discomfort! It may affect one or both heels, usually at the back and sides of the heel bone, and becomes more painful after activity and reduces with rest.

When it comes to addressing Sever’s disease, thankfully, there are many options available—these range from methods you can do at home to seeing a podiatrist for more personalised treatment.

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Symptoms Of Sever’s Disease.

The symptoms of Sever’s disease vary depending on the person experiencing it. Common symptoms include:

  • Heel pain
  • Swelling in the affected area
  • Tenderness
  • Discomfort when walking or running
  • Stiffness, especially first thing in the morning or after a period of rest
  • Difficulty with physical activities
  • Pain during and after running or jumping

The symptoms may come and go throughout the day. If the pain and discomfort continue, seeking help from a podiatrist may be a good idea to help your child get back on their feet.

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Ready to kick sever's disease away?

Treatment for Sever's disease

Treatment For Sever's Disease.

The treatment options for Sever’s disease will depend on the type and location of the pain, as well as how active your child is or would like to be. Treatment is aimed towards relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and assisting with overall healing. Treatment options include:

  • Reducing activity for a short period of time
  • The RICE method— rest, ice, compression, and elevation
  • Heel lifts or heel arches to reduce pulling from the calf muscles
  • Stretching exercises
  • Using ice after physical activity
  • Modifying footwear choices, such as reducing time going barefoot and wearing supportive footwear
  • Gentle massage
  • Supportive strapping
  • Custom orthotics to reduce strain on the heel’s growth plate
FAQ sever's disease Toowoomba

Your Sever’s Disease Questions Answered.

At what age might children get Sever’s disease?

Most children who experience Sever’s disease do so between the ages of about 8 to 16. When the growth plate in the heel finishes growing— often at 16 to 17 years old—the risk of developing Sever’s disease diminishes.

What causes Sever’s disease?

Essentially, Sever’s disease occurs after an accumulation of minor trauma to the tendons and bones in the heel. This tends to happen after playing sports involving a lot of heel movements, though it may also be due to tight calf muscles, excessive weight bearing on the heel, or having a foot that rolls in (also known as pronation).

How long does it take for Sever’s disease to heal?

Typically, Sever’s disease lasts for several months. However, it may be longer if your child does not rest as required and allow the heel to heal. The length of time for recovery also often depends on the degree of physical activity they participate in and how well they adapt to lifestyle changes.

How is Sever’s disease diagnosed?

In most cases, Sever’s disease is diagnosed by a podiatrist or other healthcare professional after they assess the symptoms and enquire about the child’s physical activities. It generally doesn’t require imaging unless a broken bone or fracture is suspected.

How can I prevent my child from developing Sever’s disease?

You may be able to reduce your child’s risk of developing Sever’s disease by ensuring they wear supportive, cushioned footwear that fits them well. It may also help to ensure they stretch before and after physical activity. Additionally, custom orthotics may be helpful if there are any underlying gait issues.

Who is more likely to develop Sever’s disease?

Heavier and taller children are more likely to develop heel pain, as are those with overpronated feet or collapsed arches. Children who participate in explosive sports such as soccer and football are also more at risk, especially if they play on hard surfaces or suddenly increase their physical activity.

Why Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic is your Go-to for Sever's Disease Treatment?

At Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic, we’re as dedicated to your child’s success and happiness as you are.



We collaborate with practitioners, keeping the other health professionals in the know of treatment plans wherever necessary.

Experienced podiatrists Toowoomba


We’ve helped to diagnose and address many cases of Sever’s disease over the years, giving us a wealth of knowledge and experience to help your child get back on their feet.

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We have our own laboratory for custom devices and modifications, Zebris gait analysis, and Orthema orthotics, plus we can liaise with sports trainers and schools to assist with treatment plans.

Custom-made Orthotics

Orthotics Production

Orthotics made & fitted by our podiatrists in under 80 minutes!

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Step Towards Relief with Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic.

Whether your child is an athlete in the making or simply wants to keep up with their friends on the playground, we understand how important their healing journey is. If heel pain is impacting them and you suspect it may be Sever’s disease, the best time to seek answers and start treatment is now. With years of experience and a dedication to helping the younger generation achieve their goals (and have fun while they’re at it!), our podiatrists offer custom orthotics, gait analysis, and more to help them get there. Don’t wait until their pain gets worse— contact us at Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic today.

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