Shockwave Therapy Toowoomba.

Address your heel pain with the support of shockwave therapy..

Shockwave therapy Toowoomba

Searching for a Suitable Treatment Option for Heel Pain?

Every day at our clinic, we handle case after case of heel pain. Whether it’s a sudden injury or a chronic pain growing worse over time, everyone’s experience of heel pain can take a massive toll on daily life. Tasks as simple as standing up in the morning or heading out for a walk can suddenly be a painful challenge – and it can feel like the list of possible treatments is pretty short!

What you mightn’t know is that our clinic has a range of innovative and evidence-based treatment options, one of which is shockwave therapy. We completely understand that this phrase can sound intimidating when you first hear it, but you can trust that shockwave therapy is a well-researched and common form of pain treatment that may improve your pain levels, function, and overall quality of life.

What Exactly is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a treatment used for many sub-acute and chronic conditions in the body.

The process involves a handheld probe which is positioned by a trained podiatrist or physiotherapist over the affected area. Typically, our team will be applying the proof over the base of the heel or the Achilles tendon, where it will deliver high-energy radial pressure waves. These sound waves can target the blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the affected area and helping to stimulate soft tissue regeneration.

Shockwave therapy can help to break down scar tissue and accelerate healing in injured areas. This treatment may be available for patients dealing with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or other chronic conditions and injuries.

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Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic

Shockwave Therapy at Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic.

One of the biggest benefits of shockwave therapy is its simplicity. This is a very noninvasive form of treatment that helps to promote natural soft tissue healing in the body. Many patients find this form of treatment to be manageable and relatively comfortable as they get used to it. Shockwave therapy involves no medications, injections, or surgery.

Here at the Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic, we can utilise this modern treatment to assist clients who may be suffering from a broad variety of chronic conditions and musculoskeletal disorders. Other benefits may include:

  • Release of trigger points in the body
  • Improved healing time
  • Recovery of function in the heel and foot
  • Reversal of chronic inflammation
  • Breakdown of calcium build-up
  • Formation of new blood vessels
  • Increased blood flow
  • Minimised or eliminated pain

Interested in discovering more about shockwave therapy? Book an appointment at Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic today for a consultation.

What to Expect from Shockwave Therapy.

The words ‘shockwave therapy’ sound far more daunting than the process actually is.

If you have been receiving some kind of treatment for your heel pain but are yet to see much improvement, then your podiatrist or physiotherapist may suggest this treatment as a next step. To help make the concept sound a little less intimidating, here are a few things you can expect.
The first step will be the application of some gel over the area being treated. Once your podiatrist has spread this gel, the handheld prone will be applied to the area and begin to slowly move around. There will likely be some clicking sounds as the device operates, which is totally normal – this is just the sound it makes as it uses radial pressure waves to transfer a high dose of energy to the area. This energy will then begin to stimulate the body’s healing process.

Shockwave therapy treatment Toowoomba
Shockwave therapy treatment in Toowoomba

Your Shockwave Therapy Questions Answered.

How many shockwave therapy sessions will I need?

Some patients may find that one five to ten-minute session is enough to reduce their pain. Others, however, may need to undergo around three sessions to begin to feel improvement. Your podiatrist will give you a more accurate expectation for the timeline based on your pain levels and condition.

Does shockwave therapy hurt?

Some clients may experience some mild tenderness throughout treatment, but this will stop once treatment is over. Others may feel no pain at all. Generally speaking, the more painful and severe your injury is, the more likely it is that you will experience some tenderness during shockwave therapy. Your podiatrist will be in control of the settings and intensity of the device at all times and will adjust it to suit your comfort levels.

Is shockwave therapy dangerous?

If shockwave therapy were considered a particularly ‘dangerous’ treatment method, then we wouldn’t be offering it! This treatment is highly backed by research and is very common in clinics across the country. If you have any concerns, your podiatrist will gladly answer any questions you have.

Is shockwave therapy right for me?

The best way to tell if shockwave therapy is right for you is to get assessed by one of our podiatrists. Once informed about your medical history and current symptoms, our team will be able to provide personalised advice about whether shockwave therapy is right for you.
Keep in mind that shockwave therapy isn’t a standalone treatment. If recommended, it will likely be used alongside other treatments and lifestyle recommendations such as footwear, strapping, and more.

Why Choose Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic?

State of the art technology


Our clinic is proud to offer several leading treatment options for our clients. Our shockwave therapy equipment is just one part of the exceptional facilities and resources we can offer to help you manage and treat your pain.
Friendly and skilled staff

Friendly and Skilled Staff

When you come to the Heel Pain Clinic, you can benefit from the advice of our experienced podiatrists and physiotherapists. What makes our team special, however, is our commitment to creating a warm and friendly environment for every single client we work with.
Local care

Local Care

Don’t travel for hours to find top-quality podiatry services. Our clinic is bringing premium care right to our beloved neighbourhood, helping people of all ages and backgrounds throughout Toowoomba treat injuries and chronic conditions.
Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic

Get Back on Your Feet with Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic.

The best part of our work is to see people reclaim their quality of life. You deserve to live life as painlessly as possible, enjoying everything from socialising with friends to exercising without worrying about sudden, sharp pain bringing you down. Our team helps clients in our local area to address all forms of heel pain — from problems with flat feet to more complex musculoskeletal disorders and injuries. If you’re handling pain that could be managed with shockwave therapy, we would love nothing more than to lend a hand. Let’s get you back on your feet as soon as possible!
Toowoomba Shockwave Therapy Treatment

Book an Appointment to Learn More About Shockwave Therapy

With Toowoomba Heel Pain Clinic.

As a podiatry clinic that focusses on different forms of heel pain, our experienced team will be able to provide tailored advice to help diagnose, manage, and treat your condition. Your podiatrist will use their understanding of the complexities of foot health to provide meaningful advice and lifestyle recommendations to protect your feet for years to come.
Do you have an injury or condition that hasn’t been improving through other treatments? Ready to discover if shockwave therapy could be a viable option for you? Book an appointment to discuss your condition further with our team.

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